Music Empowers

Most of us listen to music. Music is a force that cannot be explained. It is present in every part of our lives. It messes with our heads, it makes us feel different emotions. Music gives our brains what we need to think and feel at the same time. When we listen to happy songs, we feel happier. Upbeat songs with energetic riffs and fast-paced rhythms make us excited and pumped up. Music unites us.

Personally, we listen to rock and metal, indie, pop punk, dance, folk, acoustics and more. To get pumped up, we listen to rock and metal, sometimes more 70/80s metal than modern. To help when we’re feeling down, we listen to acoustic and pop. When angry, we listen to metal core and sometimes stuff even heavier than that.

With all this in mind, SavingCathren has come up with the whole list of your favourite songs. We listen to you and make sure our songs collection will help you to open up and release the emotions you’re already feeling.