SavingCathren started when guitarist Paul Wilson answered an advert on the website ‘’. The advert was placed by Cathren Costantino, a singer who was looking to find musicians to play with.

Initially the concept was to play some ‘open mic nights’ and see what happened. However Cathren had some contacts in Oxford ,which led to Paul and Cathren playing together for the first time on the 11th November 2018. They opened for Sparkies Flying Circus at the Half Moon in Oxford, a 30-minute set that included ten songs.

The set was so well received that Cathren and Paul were immediately invited back to play for a second time for another 30-minute set. Ten new songs were rapidly rehearsed and at the same time, using the website ‘’ the name SavingCathren was born. Cathren loved the name as this was ‘saving’ her from her desk job.

The band started to advertise and put some songs on YouTube and it was Matt Heritage of the Brewery tap who spotted the band and decided to invite SavingCathren to play a two hour set on a Mother’s day Sunday afternoon. This was the start of the journey as the videos taken during this were distributed far and wide. SavingCathren were asked to open at the Abbey cinema, ‘Make Music’, in Abingdon, asked the band to play a set at the new RnR Café and numerous other gigs including the Crown and Thistle beer festival supporting Jack Lester followed on from that.

It was the RnR gig that launched SavingCathren as a feature of the Abingdon music scene and was the beginning of many firsts. Immediately after the gig Rob Broadbent asked the band to be the first to play at Bar RnR. We did a two- and half-hour set, which was so successful, we were immediately invited back. In the meantime, a second and third gig at Brewery tap took place, as well as many summer gigs. During the winter SavingCathren played at the Bowyers arms (the first band under the new management), the Crown and Thistle and many more gigs. In the meantime, a second and third gig at Brewery tap took place as well as numerous summer gigs.

SavingCathren were invited to open for the mayor of Abingdon’s charity show, however, Covid 19 kicked in and it was cancelled. The band were not phased by the new environment of online streaming, in fact, they were one of the first to start to put out online content, since Cathren is an IT expert. Another first then took place in June 2020, when the band were asked to be the first to stream from the Brewery tap. Another two and half hour of music, after which, the band were immediately invited to return.

Another first then took place in June 2020 when the band were asked to be the first to stream from the Brewery tap. Another two and half hour set, and the band were immediately invited to do a second set.

Recently, we have also played at the ‘Pizza Boat’ and streamed for ‘Make Music’ in Abingdon. Hanne Fahl asked the band to put together a montage video, which was streamed on the day ‘Come together’ The Beatles. Add to this the appearance of SavingCathren on the Moreish TV channel performing ‘Yesterday’, also, contributing on BBC Radio Oxford, you can see the band have come a very long way in a very short space of time.

Add to this the appearance of SavingCathren on TV, Moreish TV channel performing ‘Yesterday’, also, appearing on BBC Radio Oxford.

We are now working on original material, which we hope to release in November or December 2020. Our style and philosophy is a simple one. ‘Keep it simple’, do not just play straight covers, but turn them into your own style, trying to constantly challenge what is possible with one guitar and one voice. Most importantly playing music, that is not played by others but is selected by our audience. We always ask, post gigs, what songs sounded great to the audience, what could be improved and more importantly, what would you, the audience, like to hear.

SavingCathren are looking forward to playing for you soon in a venue near you!

SavingCathren's adventure starts here
SavingCathren was performing at R&R cafe, Abingdon, Oxfordshire

Saturday, 23rd November 2019 - R&R cafe.

R&R cafe is situated right in the centre of Abingdon, Oxfordshire. This is a brilliant place where you can find the ideal combination of superb food and an extremely friendly environment.

That was one of the first SavingCathren's performances - great night surrounded by wonderful people.

Music is in our hearts each day every day
SavingCathren's performance in Brewery Tap

Sunday, 6th October 2019 - Brewery Tab, Abingdon.

It is a modern pub located 3 minutes walk from the town’s centre. Here you will find a great selection of perfectly kept ales and an extremely friendly environment.

It was a great atmosphere and so nice that so many neighbours and friends came together to have some fun and singing along with SavingCathren.

SavingCathren's next step, but not the last one
SavingCathren was performing at Bowyer Arms, Abingdon, Oxfordshire

Saturday, 25th January 2020 - Bowyer Arms Pub.

It is primarily a real ale pub and offers up to a dozen mainly local real ales and and a wide selection of ciders. We had a fabulous night surrounded by fantastic supportive audience, friends and family.

Show Must 'GO ON'
SavingCathren had performed at Brewery Tap, Abingdon, Oxfordshire

Sunday, 14th June 2020 - Brewery Tap.

That was the very first live stream from Brewery Tap. What a great experience it was. We're excited to welcome so many new members of the SavingCatren's audience in that session.

Karaoke World Championship
Karaoke World championship

Wednesday, 30th September 2020 - the upcoming event.

SavingCathren are the finalist of this fantastic competition, chosen among thousands of other great performers. With pride and joy, we invite you to share this special day with us. You support means the world to us!

Performance at the Old Anchor Pub

We are truly blessed to be always surrounded by loving, kind, positive, encouraging people. We can't wait to perform in this wonderful place, situated right in the heart of Abingdon.

The Old Anchor Inn Pub sits along the River Thames on St Helen’s Wharf. With an open log fire in the cosy snug, a beer garden and views of the river, The Old Anchor is a fine place to be all year round.

Performance at the Brewery Tap
Brewery Tap Poster - 25th October

Sunday, 25th October, 2020 - we're coming back to play your favourite songs for you in this fantastic pub, situated in the heart of the Oxfordshire town of Abingdon.

The Brewery Tap is an award-winning pub. It is a great place to come to meet other like-minded people from your community, enjoy a few drinks and good music.